'Game of Thrones' Star Gwendoline Christie Is the Face of Vivienne Westwood's Fall Campaign

Vivienne Westwood AW15 Ad - H 2015
Juergen Teller/Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood AW15 Ad - H 2015

Brienne of Tarth is trading her armor for the British designer's fall 2015 looks.

Gwendoline Christie's Game of Thrones character, Brienne of Tarth, is a brave warrior in full armor and a swashbuckler with a sword (she's loyal to some and a killer to others). But the masculine-seeming female knight — some say she was modeled after Joan of Arc — is now going quite femme as the face of Vivienne Westwood's winter 2015/2016 campaign. And in heavy eye makeup, lipstick and chic clothes, there's no mistaking the short-haired Christie for masculine. The campaign was shot by famed photographer Juergen Teller.

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Westwood, who enlisted Christie for her fall 2015 runway show, is clearly a Game of Thrones fan. She's calling both her women's and men's collections "Unisex." 

"Trousers for women, yes!" Westwood said in a statement about the unisex aesthetic. "Dresses for men, the same dresses that women wear? Do that! Dresses without a woman's waist! Then you, the woman, look like a king or queen (from history or a parallel universe) — you the man look like a king or queen! It's so sexual because it's new, it makes you look at the person from outside, it's all so sexual because we're looking at people with new eyes."

Brienne of Tarth would certainly approve of the women's coats with big shoulders and men wearing dresses — something the fashion business has long tried to make catch on (including Commes des Garcons). If women can wear pants, why can't men wear dresses?

"I met Gwendoline at our show in London," noted Westwood. "At the time, we were planning our next show, which was all about Unisex! In this collection, the same suit can be worn by a man or a woman. I realized Gwendoline would be perfect and would fit the clothes, so I asked her to do it. She is such an attractive woman — we got to know each other, she is a really interesting woman."

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Christie, who's about to start filming the six season of Game of Thrones in Belfast, couldn't be happier about working with Westwood and getting out of her armor and sword for a change (though she looked quite femme at Comic Con, too).

"I have admired Vivienne Westwood ever since I can remember for her revolutionary mind and exquisitely rebellious design — so it was a great privilege to fulfill a childhood dream and work not only with her, but with Andreas her partner in all things, and with Juergen Teller," said Christie. "I love the Unisex theme of this collection. It is so relevant for Vivienne Westwood to reassert her activist mindset and create a collection that takes us beyond our current gender stereotypes with beauty and intelligence."