'Game of Thrones': U.S. Ambassador to Host South American Premiere at Buenos Aires Residence

Game of Thrones Jaimie Cersie - H 2015
Helen Sloan/HBO

Newly appointed Ambassador Noah Mamet has invited Argentine luminaries and HBO executives to gather for the Spanish language premiere of the hit show at his official residence on March 31.

Longtime Hollywood philanthropy and politics advisor Noah Mamet, now serving as the U.S. ambassador to Argentina, is once again turning his focus back to his hometown's signature industry.

Mamet tells The Hollywood Reporter that he will be hosting HBO executives and a roster of Argentine luminaries for the South American and Spanish language premiere of this season's Game of Thrones in Buenos Aires on March 31.

"The show is an international phenomenon and hugely popular in Argentina," Mamet told THR, "so getting the chance to premiere it at the Ambassador's residence to top industry execs and some of the most important people in Argentina is a real honor."

"I believe one of my priorities is to focus on promoting original American content, especially television, film and music, all of which are huge exports for the U.S," Mamet said. "Many people don't realize how huge the entertainment industry is for our overall economy. I want to do all I can to increase its popularity around the world, which translates into more jobs back in the States."

Mamet said he also has begun conversations on creating an international film festival in Buenos Aires, one that he hopes will rise to the level of Berlin's within a few years.

In recent weeks the new diplomat has also wrapped up four notable agreements with the Argentine government.

One involves satellite information sharing between America's NASA and its Argentine counterpart, CONAE, and another involving U.S. holders of Argentine debt. A third arrangement involves mutual curbs on money laundering, and the fourth is an agreement between Argentina's congress and America's Holocaust Museum to preserve and share records on postwar Nazi immigration to the South American nation.