Gamelab 2011 Creates New Section to Help Recycle Content Professionals

Louis Castle and Dino Patti, part of initiative to help other digital content industries benefit from video gaming success.

MADRID -- Zynga vp Louis Castle will participate in the International Videogame Fair Gamelab  in Barcelona next month, organizers announced Monday as they unveiled a new section to this year's edition called Gamelab 360°, designed to help other digital content industries benefit from videogame experience.

Castle, the founder of Westwood Studios, will discuss his experience with online social games at Zynga in a master class. Zynga, with its online games for social networks like Facebook, has reportedly reached more than 240 million users daily.

Dino Patti, the founder of Danish independent studio Playdead, will also be on hand to disucss the original downloadable "Limbo" game, as well as "his vision of the world of independent development and how his revolutionary videogame for Xbox Live has enabled the name of his company and his country to travel in the global market," organizers said.

The two visits fit within Gamelab's framework to help enable the digital content sector to benefit from the gaming sector's relative success in capitlizing on online opportunities.

"The massive success of online entertainment and the distribution of audiovisual content through the consol's digital stores and pay platforms associated with consol, the market of virtual objects, free2play or  'gamification' are successful revolutionary business initiatives for the videogame sector that are now being used by other culture industries," organizers said.

Gamelab's new section is designed to "contribute to recycling producers and editors of traditional content to these new market and consumption realities."

Gamelab is backed by the Culture Ministry, the Foreign Trade Institute, the Catalan regional government, the Barcelona municipal aughtorities, the Association of Videogame Developers of Spain, the European Federation of Videogame Companies (EGDF) and is sponsored by Game, Sony Playstation, Nintendo, Microsoft and Orange.

Gamelab runs in Barcelona June 29-July 1.