Games boost China ad sales after quake


China posted a 17% jump in advertising for first-half 2008 and can look forward to record full-year numbers as Olym-pics media buying helped offset the effects of May's deadly earthquake, a new Nielsen study shows.

According to the report, China recorded 244.9 billion yuan ($35.7 billion) in ad spending across TV, newspapers and magazines.

TV continued to attract the lion's share of the pie, taking 83%, or 204 billion yuan ($29.7 billion). Newspapers and magazines accounted for 36 billion yuan ($5.2 billion) and 5 billion yuan ($728 million), respectively.

Spending by the 28 Olympics sponsors accounted for 5% of the country's total ad spend.

Olay face cream remained China's No. 1 name in terms of ad dollars spent, with a 3.4 billion yuan ($495 million) budget. (partialdiff)