'Game of Thrones' Star Sophie Turner on Graduating From the HBO Series

"I got my sex education from this show," says the actress as she also dishes on filming 'X-Men' spinoff 'Dark Phoenix' and looking forward to a "semi-normal" life after Westeros.

Not unlike her Game of Thrones character, who has gone from being a pawn to a shrewd player in the drama's intrigues, Sophie Turner has grown up on the HBO drama, which premiered its penultimate run on July 16. "I got my sex education from this show, and a historical education," says the U.K.-born actress, 21, who lives in London. After her character, Sansa Stark, was brutally raped in season five, "I definitely got educated on that as well," Turner offers, "and that spurred me to be an activist [against sexual assault]."

As the job she's held since age 13 winds down (she can't say when the final season starts filming "because I don't even know if I'm in it"), Turner is looking forward to "getting back to grips with a semi-normal existence." She'll appear in a couple of upcoming indies (the Southern drama Huntsville, the romantic comedy Time Freak) and stars as Jean Grey in the X-Men films (Thrones' Maisie Williams joins her in the franchise with the spinoff New Mutants). "It's like summer camp," says Turner of being on set with Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender. "It's just a big group of us going out and drinking and eating and having fun."

The actress, who attended Thrones' July 12 L.A. premiere with boyfriend Joe Jonas, isn't at liberty to reveal much about this season except to say that she has scenes with actors she's never worked with before. "Sansa has a lot of struggles with who she trusts and the power she now has," Turner says, noting that she and her co-stars are terrified that each time they're handed a new script, they'll be faced with their character's demise. "We flip through frantically and check in on each other, like, 'Are you still alive?' "

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