Top 10 'Gangnam Style' Parodies (Video)

Psy Music Video Screengrab - H 2012

Psy Music Video Screengrab - H 2012

From a wedding to Gandalf to My Little Pony to a group of 14 lifeguards who were later fired for making the video, we round up the best parody videos on the 'net that have caught Korean pop star Psy's viral video bug.

Since going viral last month, K-pop sensation Psy's July 15 "Gangnam Style" video has racked up more than 220 million views on YouTube. It's spawned covers and parodies, and the "dress classy, dance cheesy" moves have taken over pop culture. Psy did his "Gangnam Style" dance with host Kevin Hart at the 2012 MTV VMAs, Nelly Furtado did it in concert, and even Britney Spears learned the moves on "Ellen," with a little instruction from Psy himself.

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The video has been getting even more buzz lately, as Psy sits atop the Billboard Social 50 chart after signing with Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun. We've rounded up the best in "Gangnam Style" videos that YouTube has to offer, from babies to the Naval Academy to "My Little Pony." Take a look at all 10 videos and then get ready to answer the age-old question: does the Oregon Duck's "Gangnam Style" beat Gandalf the Grey's?


El Monte Lifeguards

"Gangnam Style" is all fun and games… until fourteen people lose their jobs. A group of lifeguards in El Monte, Calif. learned that the hard way when they were fired from their jobs at the community pool after their "Lifeguard Style" parody video went viral. The lifeguards, some of whom didn't even participate in the video, are currently fighting for their jobs back, with a Facebook group and petitions circulating online. Despite the drama, their "Gangnam" video is one of the best, with red-suited dancing around the pool and even showing off their K-pop style underwater.


U.S. Naval Academy

Anyone who thinks Navy men don't have fun is just plain wrong. In their "Gangnam Style" parody, the Naval Academy's 22nd Company Spirit show off their well-practiced choreography on the docks, boats and even in a line of urinals -- all in full suits and regalia. Raking in half a million views, the buzz from Navy's K-pop style may just help them beat Army this year. At the very least, they have a surefire way to distract the other team.


'My Little Pony'

It's a simple take on "Gangnam Style," but this "My Little Pony" version of the K-pop hit is nothing short of hilarious. Watch as an animated horse gets his Gangnam on over various stills from the "Pony" cartoon series. The other ponies' reactions range from amused to horrified, but the 30-second clip is good for a nostalgic giggle, merging today's viral hit with a childhood classic.


The Oregon Duck Mascot

Nothing like a silly duck mascot to amp up school spirit. What's better? A duck with a little bit of Gangnam style. Watch as the Oregon mascot causes all sorts of campus debauchery with his newfound K-pop dance moves. Even if you're not a fan of the green and yellow, it's worth watching just for the scene when the mascot meets his love interest -- a girl who is feeding ducks in a pond. Four million views later, Oregon has definitely gone viral.


Wedding Style

For this Bay Area wedding, Lightbulb Videography put together a unique video for newlywed couple Stefani and Jeremy's big day. By far the best production of the bunch, this video loses the DIY charm of other parodies,  but their "Gangnam Style," both dance moves and swagger, is pretty spot on. Plus who doesn't want to see his wife, as Psy says, "dress classy and dance cheesy" in her wedding dress.


Gandalf Style

A few thousand miles (and worlds) away from Mordor, Gandalf wanders around Bakersfield, Calif. in this "Gangnam Style" parody. Between his long gray beard and his buxom blonde companion, there's no shortage of laughs in this "Lord of the Rings" take on the K-pop hit. One thing's for sure: we're jealous of all the random passersby featured high-fiving Gangnam Gandalf. But there's always next time.


Marvel Comics' Deadpool  

Marvel anti-hero Deadpool gets the Gangnam treatment in this homemade video that has already snagged more than 1.5 million views. Watch as Deadpool tries to get intimate with several mall shoppers, and even lets a toddler attack him with a sword. It's a bit creepy that you can't see his face, but he manages to make a lot of friends either way. He must be doing something right!


Hot Moms and Cute Babies

For this baby-themed video, a group of self-proclaimed hot moms start discussing the Korean viral video in a class with their babies. Cut to the next scene, and the moms are going full "Gangnam Style" -- pushing their strollers with attitude and cleaning the floor like they mean business. The kids are, for the most part, unaware of what's going on, but the boy in the blue blazer and shades takes the cake for best sport of the bunch, playing Psy's role in the reinvented clip. Future pop star right there.


Cornell University Flash Mob

Even the Ivy Leagues have gone Gangnam! For a studious bunch, these kids sure know how to get a crowd going. The flashmob turnout was impressive, and the group's choreographed dance moves weren't bad either.


New York City Style

This NYC boy-girl duo brings their "Gangnam Style" to the 212, reinventing the K-pop hit for the city that never sleeps. Starting in Times Square (obviously), the pair makes their way around the city, from the tops of skyscrapers to Central Park, and all the way to the Brooklyn Promenade. The subway car they filmed in was empty, which was probably for the best. Although seeing New York commuters' reactions could have been good for a few extra laughs.


And Psy's Original 'Gangnam Style'

Nothing beats the original, which is why we're closing out this list with Psy's own "Gangnam Style," a hilarious viral video in it's own right. There's elevator dancing, stables and horses, explosions, "sexy ladies," and choreographed cheesy dancing. It's really all you ever need for a few good laughs.