'Gangster Squad' Trailer Sees Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin Get Dangerous (Video)

Gangster Squad Ryan Gosling - H 2012

Gangster Squad Ryan Gosling - H 2012

The 40s-set crime drama from Warner Bros. tells the true story of mob boss Mickey Cohen and the cops who tried to take him down.

"Los Angeles is a damsel in distress," Nick Nolte growls, "and I need you to save her."

The first trailer for The Gangster Squad, director Ruben Fleischer's star-studded organized crime film, has hit the web, teasing a high gloss foray into a gritty world, a cocktail of noir, '70s mob classics and modern day cop movies swirled in a sparkling whiskey glass.

Sean Penn plays Mickey Cohen, the transported east coast gangster who runs L.A., while Nolte plays Bill Parker, the cop charged with assembling the team to take him down. He taps John O'Mara, played by a square-jawed Josh Brolin, who then brings along Sgt. Jerry Wooters -- here seemingly the film's central character -- who is played by Ryan Gosling, Conway Keeler (Giovanni Ribisi) and Coleman Harris (Anthony Mackie) among others.

Emma Stone appears as Grace Faraday, Cohen's prized arm candy and the woman to whom Gosling's Wooters is dangerously attracted. Mireille Enos plays Brolin's wife, Connie O'Mara.

The film is set to hit theaters on October 19.