Garrel to be honored at San Sebastian


MADRID -- French director Philippe Garrel will be honored by the 55th annual San Sebastian International Film Festival, which will showcase his work as part of its contemporary director retrospective, organizers said Friday.

The festival, which runs Sept. 20-29 in Spain's northern Basque region, called Garrel "one of the most independent figures on the French movie scene" and an inspiration for such modern filmmakers as Gus Van Sant, Olivier Assayas and Jose Luis Guerin.

Son of veteran actor Maurice Garrel, brother of La Sept broadcaster Thierry Garrel and father of actor Louis Garrel ("The Dreamers"), the French director has worked with actresses including his partner Nico, Jean Seberg, Bulle Ogier, Tina Aumont, Anne Wiazemski, Emmanuelle Riva, Mireille Perrier, Anemone and Catherine Deneuve.

His films, which mix extreme emotions and heavily utilize closeups, include "La cicatrice interieure" (1970), "Un ange passe" (1975), "L'enfant secret" (1979), "Les baisers de secours" (1988), "La naissance de l'amour" (1993), "Le vent de la nuit" (1998) and "Les amants reguliers" (2005), winner of the Venice Film Festival's Silver Lion for best director.
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