Gary Busey Endorses Donald Trump for President

Gary Busey, Donald Trump - SPLIT - 2011
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The voted-off "Celebrity Apprentice" star enthuses that Trump "knows about this country."

Gary Busey may have been voted off Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night, but that won't keep him from casting his ballot for Donald Trump.

On the Today show Monday, Busey said Trump "would be an absolutely good" president.

"He knows about this country. He knows the situation we're in now," continued Busey. "I have great respect for sitting President Barack Obama. I will not dismiss that."

Busey doesn't have such positive things to say about his teammates on the NBC reality show.

"The team - Backbone - should be called Backstabber," said Busey, "because after the second episode they were out to get me, get me out there."

"My team didn't want me there. My team was not my team. ... I work in a mysterious way. People don't know what I'm thinking or where I'm coming from," he went on.