Gary Busey Offers Advice to Charlie Sheen


The "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant -- and former cocaine addict -- says he's known the "Two and a Half Men" star for 30 years.

Gary Busey, who knows a thing or two about generating headlines for all the wrong reasons, is the latest celebrity to express his concern for Charlie Sheen.

"Charlie is in a tailspin," Busey told "Charlie's got to understand what the truth is. The beautiful thing about the truth is that it requires no questions."

Busey, a former cocaine addict who has been sober for 13 years, said he's known the troubled Two and a Half Men star for 30 years.

"I want Charlie to get up out of the mud and reclaim his life and I'm praying for him," Busey said. "The advice I have for him is to look at himself and the truth in his heart, because what he's doing is not true to his heart."

Busey is one of the contestants on the new season of NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice, which debuts Sunday night.

On Friday, Sean Penn defended Sheen, with whom he plans to take a humanitarian trip to Haiti.

"I think his energies, intelligence and passion could be both of service and servicing to him, as it is to all who are touched by the struggle of the Haitian people," Penn said.

Sheen also said in a 20/20 interview last week that Mel Gibson and Colin Farrell also have reached out to him amid all the recent hoopla.