Gary Hamilton and John Polson to Produce 'Sydney, I Love You' (Exclusive)

Jon Polson Sydney 2011
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Jon Polson Sydney 2011

Movie to tell a dozen stories using top Australian talent.

Australian producers Gary Hamilton and John Polson are joining forces to mount a love letter to their country’s largest city to be called Sydney, I Love You.

The project, which they began to develop at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, is in the vein of such omninbus movies as 2007’s Paris, je t’aime and 2009’s New York, I Love You.

The plan calls for the movie to consist of 12 short films, each eight to 10 minutes in length, with each one set in Sydney during a different month of the year. The two producers are just beginning to approach talent, but their hope is to round up a collection of top Australian actors and directors as well as promising newcomers and to begin pre-production early in 2012. Eventually, they expect to use one composer to score the entire film.

“Our hopes are that we’ll attract the highest level of talent, although nothing is confirmed yet,” Polson said. “But from some initial conversations we’ve had, I know there are some directors who’ve have stories that they’ve always wanted to make as short films.”

“In terms of talent,” Hamilton added, “Australia has an embarrassment of riches and so the challenge is going to be narrowing it down.”

While the film is intended to be a celebration of Sydney, Hamilton said, “This is not going to be a movie about just the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House, but will take place in all the neighborhoods around city. It will be about people living in a very cosmopolitan city.”

Hamilton, whos is managing director of Arclight Films International, said the film is designed to be shot on relatively modest budget and that he’s begun talks with government bodies and private investors, to secure financing.

Polson, who’s served as producer and director of TV’s Without a Trace, and has also directed such other TV series as FlashForward and The Mentalist, is also founder and director of the short film festival Tropfest, which began in Sydney in 1993.