Gary Oldman Reveals How He Unwound During Filming of 'Darkest Hour'

The actor says he and his wife recorded him dancing to James Brown in full Churchill regalia.

Gary Oldman was joined by his wife Gisele Schmidt on the red carpet of The Hollywood Reporter’s sixth annual Nominees Night, where he reflected on his body of work before his Oscar-nominated role as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.

After he rewatched the many projects he’s been in since he first started as an actor, the actor explained what went through his head while reliving his past films.

“It puts you right back. You remember the day, you remember the catering, you remember the number of takes and where you were in your life,” he explained. “You’re getting older. The other night I was looking at a young twenty-something actor in Sid and Nancy, and now I’m old enough to play Winston Churchill.”

While he may be “old enough” to portray Churchill, stepping into the character came with hours of sitting in a makeup chair, so Oldman and Schmidt found a way to relax and unwind — by recording him dancing to James Brown in full Churchill regalia.

“It’s great to give people a giggle," Oldman said.