Gavin DeGraw Attack: Fans React

John Sciulli/Getty Images For City of Hope

Musicians and supporters express their shock and well wishes on Twitter.

Musician Gavin DeGraw was rushed to a New York City hospital after he was attacked by a group of people and then hit by a taxi late Sunday. The “I Don’t Want to Be” singer was in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital on Tuesday.

DeGraw was attacked around 4:30 a.m. Monday on 6th Street and First Avenue. Disoriented, he continued walking, and was hit by a cab on 19th Street and First Avenue, according to reports. He was not seriously injured by the cab.

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Musicians and fans spoke out on Twitter, expressing their shock of the news of the accident, and their support for the singer:

Fellow musician Ernie Halter wrote: “Our friend Gavin DeGraw got jumped in NYC tonight and is hospitalized. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.”

Former singer of The Calling Alex Band wrote: “Sad to hear about what happened to Gavin DeGraw... such an awesome dude, all the love his way!”

Rochelle Labian wrote: “Sending my best wishes & prayers to Gavin Degraw for a speedy recovery. Such a talented soul. Get well soon.”

Laura Sharp tweeted: Saw 'Gavin DeGraw' trending and thought of one tree hill straight away! Hope his okay, Get well soon Gavin.”

Brooke Dicicco wrote: “Praying for gavin degraw.. this is such a shame what our world has come to. we need to get ourselves together.”

Catherine Boyd tweeted: “So sad about Gavin DeGraw...i love his music, he is so talented!!”

Alicia Stetin wrote: “So sad to hear about Gavin Degraw. I'll be praying for him. One of my favorite musicians.”

Betsy Trevarthen tweeted: “Poor Gavin DeGraw!! Getting beaten up and hit by a cab in the same night. Much love to one of my favorite artists!”