Gavin DeGraw Supports the Vets in New 'Got Your 6' PSA (Exclusive Video)

The organization, dedicated to helping veterans find work after completing their service, celebrates its one-year anniversary this month.

To mark its one-year anniversary, Got Your 6 has enlisted Gavin DeGraw for its latest PSA in support of U.S. military veterans.

"I'm a big advocate of supporting the troops, regardless of people's positions on wars," DeGraw tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I still support the troops, and I think a lot of people in Hollywood are like-minded in that capacity."

DeGraw was selected for the latest promo (past supporters have included Michelle Obama, Michael Douglas, Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper and Sarah Jessica Parker) after the video for his song "Soldier" was dedicated to the Wounded Warrior Project. The song is also featured in the Got Your 6 spot, executive produced by Brent Roske, which THR hosts exclusively in the player above.

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While "Soldier" is a love song, DeGraw says that the title and chorus signal heroic imagery that fits perfectly with any military campaign.

"When people think about selflessness, dedication, devotion and sacrifice, they think about the most obvious example: They think of a soldier," he says. "Someone who puts themselves in harm's way for what they believe is the benefit of the greater good."

Got Your 6 is a Hollywood-backed movement that aims to give military veterans a foot in the door at businesses across the nation and in the entertainment industry, including studios, networks, guilds and agencies.

To commemorate its first birthday, Got Your 6 has partnered with Macy's for a new "American Icons" campaign -- kicking off May 12 -- with the retailer offering the "Got Your 6" logo pin and a special savings pass for $6 at their stores nationwide.

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“I am humbled not only by the engagement, but by the excitement of the entertainment industry as they have embraced Got Your 6 and our nonprofit partners, helping to make our first year incredibly impactful,” says Chris Marvin, managing director of Got Your 6. “With more than one million service members returning to civilian life over the next three to five years, our journey is not over, but I am confident that, as Got Your 6 continues to work with Hollywood, we can engage the American public to view our returning veterans and their families as leaders and civic assets.”

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