Police: Car at Drug House Tied to Missing Fox Exec (Report)

2012-32 REP Gavin Smith Addeo Smith P

Smith's sister Addeo, pictured here with her brother, says she has a hard time believing he would walk away from his sons.

Detectives say the SUV is registered to the husband of a woman with whom Gavin Smith might have had an affair.

Police have found a gray SUV they sought in the disappearance of 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith outside a marijuana grow house in the San Fernando Valley.

Officials plan to search vehicle SUV spotted by DEA agents in front of the Granada Hills drug house, reports Los Angeles radio station KFI-AM. The vehicle is registered to Jon Creech, a suspected drug dealer whose wife allegedly had an affair with Smith and who was questioned about his disappearance.

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"We believe that this truck, it's possible this truck, may have been involved, but we don't know yet," said L.A. County Sheriff's homicide Detective Ty Labbe.

The vehicle was impounded and will be examined for fingerprints and biological evidence.

Creech is in jail on unrelated drug charges but was free when Smith went missing May 1. He later was ordered back into custody by an L.A. Superior Court judge, based on confidential information from law enforcement.

Creech’s home was searched in June in connection with Smith’s disappearance, with the search warrant stating police suspected a felony had taken place there.

As THR reported in September, Creech’s wife, Chandrika, had become acquainted with Smith at counseling sessions before his disappearance. Smith’s wife, Lisa, said last year that she suspected the two had an affair and believed her husband had been the victim of foul play.

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Smith, a 6-foot-6 former UCLA basketball player who worked in Fox's distribution department for nearly 18 years as the branch manager for theaters in Dallas and Oklahoma City, was last seen at a friend’s home in the Valley community of Oak Park, where he was supposed to stay overnight.

"They had already gone to bed," Lisa Smith said in May. "So he was still downstairs watching TV when our friend went to bed. And he was going to be coming up to bed shortly."

She said he apparently left the friend's house around 10 p.m. and was supposed to drive their son Austin to school the following morning.

His black Mercedes-Benz E420 sedan has not been found.

“I love my husband,” Lisa Smith said on Inside Edition in October. “The not-so-pretty aspects I would have preferred to be kept to myself. … He didn’t mean for this to happen. For him to disappear off this earth … I’m devastated. I’m a mess.”

One month earlier, she told The Hollywood Reporter her family "was "devastated."

"My sons, they can barely talk," she said. "We can't even have a memorial service for my husband."