Gawker Offers to Screen 'The Interview'

James Franco The Interview Still - H 2014

The website tells Sony it will buy the popcorn and invite Dennis Rodman

Gawker wants to screen Sony's The Interview.

In an open letter to Sony Pictures published on Friday by writer Hamilton Nolan, the media company offered to show the movie, buy the popcorn and even invite Dennis Rodman “unless the movie sucks.”

The letter acknowledged the studio has had “a rough couple of weeks” following the cyberattack on its computer systems by a hacker group that has ties to North Korea

“Embarrassing internal gossip about your executives and stars spread far and wide — thanks in part to us,” the letter read.

Gawker said Sony needs to consider the bigger picture and not kowtow to theater chains it called “too intimidated to show the movie.”

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“Allow us to offer our help in defense of freedom of speech and The American Way,” the letter suggested while positing a plan to host the film in New York City and donate proceeds to “an as-yet-unselected charity doing noble work within North Korea.”

Of course, Gawker said it understands if Sony execs think they are the “bad guys” nowadays, but it still wants permission to screen The Interview.

“There are real bad guys involved in this, and it's not good for any of us to let them win. Let's show that movie. It will be fun. (Unless the movie sucks.),” the letter read.

Gawker's editor-in-chief wrote on Twitter that the website would follow through on the offer. "[W]e are making a 100 percent sincere offer to sony: we will screen the interview. at our offices, even," Gawker's Max Read wrote.