Gay rights explored in new doc

Matthew Mishory is directing; production to start next year

The rebirth of the gay rights movement and the battle over legalizing same-sex marriage will be the focus of the new indie documentary "A Non-Issue?"

The doc will follow Dr. John Corvino, a philosopher, lecturer and author of "The Gay Moralist," as he crisscrosses the nation engaging and debating those most against gay marriage. Personal stories will be showcased.

Robert Zimmer Jr. ("Half-Life"), Matthew Mishory ("Fellowship of the Dice") and Michael Einheuser ("InZer0") are producing. Mishory is directing as well.

"Existing illusions that 2008 America is a 'post-gay' society, that sexual orientation is a 'non-issue,' that the culture war is over -- were immediately vanquished," the producers said of the recent passage of Proposition 8 in California, which bans same-sex marriage. "The filmmakers believe the time to speak is now."

Production is set to start next year, with high-definition lensing from cinematographer Rachel Morrison.