Gayle King Says Oprah Winfrey Was Joking About Running for President

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King clarified her best friend's recent remarks about a presidential campaign run.

Gayle King said on Thursday's CBS This Morning that Oprah Winfrey will "never" run for president.

Winfrey recently told Bloomberg TV's David Rubenstein that she had reconsidered the idea of running for president now that Donald Trump proved you don't need political experience to win. After her quote made headline news, King, who was in the audience for the show, is now clarifying that the comment "was clearly a joke."

"I would bet my first, second born and any unborn children to come that ain't never happening," said King. She emphatically repeated, "I'll say 'never' on this one."

Winfrey herself said, "No, that won't be happening," on Rubenstein's show, which aired Wednesday.