Gayle King Picks the Best and Worst Thing About New York City (Video)

The 'CBS This Morning' co-anchor acknowledges that it takes a certain level of patience to enjoy living in the city.

Gayle King definitely is a big fan of the Big Apple, but it does have one thing she could do without.

The CBS This Morning co-anchor, who appears on The Hollywood Reporter's list of the 35 most powerful people in media, reveals that her favorite part about living in New York City is being around so many different people. 

"I always think, somebody could do a really cool TV show just walking down the street," she said. "You can hear anything in New York City."

That said, all those people need to get around town, which leads to her least favorite aspect of life there: the traffic.

"It can be so frustrating that it can take you sometimes 20 minutes just to get around a friggin' block," she admitted.

Watch the video above to hear King pick the place that she feels is the heart of the city, and find out who else made the list of the most powerful people in media here. The list first appeared in the April 24 issue.