'Gaza' Trailer: Documentary Takes a Look into Everyday Lives on the Strip

Gazan citizens encourage foreigners to look "deeper" into what their real lives encompass — and consider the ways in which families strive to find meaning among the uncertainty.

Portraying the lives of everyday Gazan citizens, the documentary Gaza emphasizes how families choose to live meaningfully beyond the rubble caused by constant bombardments. 

In the trailer, a young woman is heard saying, "People from the outside countries can't see other than the fact that we live in constant fear of wars, and it bothers me so much. They only see the side they want to see. They should look deeper."

Following her words, footage includes lively dancing, singing, surfing and street festivals contrasted with the routine conflict, tragedy and destruction that Gazans are challenged with overcoming. 

"The whole word has abandoned Gaza," a man says.

Gaza, which will compete for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance this year, is directed by Garry Keane in collaboration with photographer Andrew McConnell.

Referencing the film's official selection, Keane said in a statement, "This is not only a professional Everest for us both, but even more so, it is a clear testament to the resilience and bravery of our contributors who have shared their lives with us in this beautiful and much misunderstood place."

Gaza is a Real Films and Filmoption International co-production in association with Fine Point Films and Gebruder Beetz Filmproduktion. It is produced by Brendan J. Byrne and Paul Cadieux.

Keane and McConnell also serve as producers.