GDC signs up for NexGuard in d-theaters


Addressing content protection at digital-cinema installations, GDC Technology has entered into a global agreement with Thomson where GDC will use Thomson's forensic-tracking product line NexGuard for its digital-cinema servers.

NexGuard was developed to combat in-theater piracy by offering forensic means to identify the date, time and location of illegal camcorder recordings. This technology will now be embedded in GDC digital-cinema servers, which hold content and distribute it to projectors.

Initially, the agreement will include NexGuard integration into 1,200 digital-cinema servers in Asia.

"Thomson is renowned in the digital-distribution landscape for its unique content security solutions," GDC CEO Man-Nang Chong said. "As we continue to expand our operations, we embrace Thomson as a strategic partner in the growing digital cinema landscape."

Added Jean-Luc Moullet, vp and head of Thomson's software and technology solutions business: "We are proud to partner with GDC as we continue to secure the rollout of digital cinema worldwide, particularly in Asia."