GE plan has NBC Uniseeing green


GE boss Jeffrey Immelt topped his company's brass as they touted ecologically savvy products and policies on the Universal Studios lot Thursday, with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and sundry NBC Universal execs joining in the green gabfest.

The event, part of GE's "eco-magination" initiative, comes amid a recent flurry of environmentally conscious pronouncements from studio parents, including News Corp.'s tub-thumping last week about energy-saving steps at Fox.

"Customer demand for the most advanced, most fuel-efficient and least emissive technologies is what sparked eco-magination," Immelt said. "Increasing demand from our customers is what is making it succeed beyond our expectations."

NBC Uni president and CEO Jeff Zucker said the conglomerate's entertainment businesses would launch an eco-friendly program dubbed "Get On Board." The campaign will feature strategies and goals for lowering polluting emissions and raising energy efficiency on the Universal lot and elsewhere among NBC Uni's entertainment operations.

"Now is the time for us not just to think green but to act green," Zucker said. "We must run our businesses in a way that respects and protects our most valuable resource, the environment."

The campaign goal is the reduction by 3% of greenhouse-gas emissions from NBC Uni businesses by 2012.

Other elements include committing to "environmentally conscious" film and TV production via increased use of electric and hybrid production vehicles and the forming of an eco work group led by Bravo president Lauren Zalaznick. Sci Fi Channel, USA Network and NBC television stations have committed to public-service spots and other initiatives, and theme-park moves include a shift to high-efficiency diesel engines on tram cars at Universal Studios Hollywood.

At the GE event, execs touted a range of eco-friendly products, from energy-efficient light bulbs to hybrid-powered locomotives.