Geena Davis and Lois Smith Discuss Memory, Technology and Their Movie 'Marjorie Prime'

The film Marjorie Prime centers on Marjorie (played by Lois Smith) and a digitally simulated version of her late husband (played by Jon Hamm), who is programmed to retell stories from her life in order to hopefully restore her memory.

Smith and Geena Davis, who plays Marjorie's daughter, Tess, stopped by The Hollywood Reporter offices to discuss the film's very human elements and how the technology displayed in the movie might not be too far off from reality.

"The piece is deeply about memory," explains Smith, despite the sci-fi-like elements portrayed in the movie.

Davis recalls a particular scene in the movie in which her character explains a theory on memory: that we're remembering the last time we recalled that memory, not the memory itself. And because of that, the original memory slowly fades over time — in other words, a Xerox of a Xerox. "It really stuck with me," says Davis. "It's an interesting idea."

Watch the full interview in the video above.