General Manager at Hong Kong's Edko Films Steps Down

Audrey Lee is leaving the company's head of sales and acquisitions after 33 years in the role.

HONG KONG -- Edko Films' Audrey Lee has stepped down from her position as general manager of sales and acquisitions after 33 years at the company. She will continue to serve as consultant.

Esther Yeung will succeed Lee in the role, effective May 1.

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"My decision is simply a personal decision to create more space in my life to pursue my increasing interest in various hobbies such as Cantonese opera singing and traveling," said Lee in a statement. "I also believe this is the right time to sit back and relax as we have a dedicated staff, a strong and involved distribution and marketing team."

"Esther has also proven herself in tough assignments and has a good eye for films with an excellent understanding of world cinema and our markets," she added.

As GM of sales and acquisitions at Edko, Lee has brought to Hong Kong numerous critically acclaimed titles and blockbusters, such as Slumdog Millionaire, 3 Idiots, and the James Cameron-produced Sanctum. She saw the void in the market and was the first to usher in Iranian films such as The Children of Heaven in 1997.

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"I'm happy for Audrey's decision to [spend more time on] her talent and hobbies. She has her duties shared by Esther and team while still staying with us in a consulting role," said Bill Kong, executive director of Edko Films.

Esther Yeung joined Edko in 2012 as director of sales and acquisitions. Previously, she was director of Asian acquisitions, sales and marketing for Fortissimo Films from 2008 to 2012. She has worked for the Hong Kong International Film Society as manager of the Hong Kong Film Financing Forum. From 2004 to 2007, she was festival director and program curator for The Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, while at the same time serving as general manager of Ying E. Chi -- a nonprofit organization formed in 1997 by a group of independent filmmakers.