Geneva Auto Show: Mercedes Introduces First S-Class Coupe In Over A Decade

AP Images
Mercedes S-Class Coupe

The $100,000-plus coupe is loaded with the new S-Class Sedan's award-winning technology and a unique tilting function that leans the car through turns. But will it have hot stone massage?

Mercedes-Benz spent $1 billion revamping its flagship S Class Sedan, which launched last year amid hosannas for its mixture of style, tech innovation, performance and creature comforts (hot stone massage seats, anyone?).

At the Geneva International Auto Show this week, Mercedes officially unveiled the S family's latest iteration, the S-Class Coupe, which will replace the CL coupe when it goes on sale later this year.

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The car will be the first coupe to wear the S-Class badge in more than a decade. Critics at the show marveled that the car is almost indistinguishable from the stunning S-Coupe concept shown at last September's Frankfurt auto show. 

The S-Class Coupe shares many of the tech innovations introduced in the S-Class Sedan, including an array of 3-D stereoscopic cameras, radars and other sensors that allow the car to take over from the driver in emergencies and operate autonomously in stop and go traffic. (The S-Class sedan won the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society's 2014 car of the year award for the camera system.)

The coupe debuts Mercedes' active curve tilting function--as the car enters a turn the suspension automatically leans the car toward the turning side, like a motorcyclist would tilt a bike through a curve. Mercedes claims the feature reduces the G-forces on drivers and passengers, making for a more comfortable ride on twisty roads. Forward-facing cameras "read" the road conditions and adjust the suspension in real time.

The coupe gets the sedan's panoramic LCD interface that comprises speedometer, tachometer, navigation and other functions, controlled via steering wheel buttons and a console-mounted track pad, and will also be on of first cars equipped with Apple's new CarPlay interface, which allows seamless iPhone integration and hands-free messaging and email via voice command.

Sleeker and more advanced than the outgoing CL Coupe, the S-500 coupe will be available this fall with a 4.7 liter, 449 horsepower twin-turbo V8 and sticker for about $116,000.