George Clooney to aid quake-hit Italian city

More than 300 people died in April disaster

L'AQUILA, Italy -- George Clooney, touring the earthquake-ravaged city of L'Aquila on the sidelines of the G8 mega-summit the town was hosting, said he intended to make a film in the city.

Clooney toured L'Aquila with Bill Murray, Walter Veltroni, former mayor of Rome and self-proclaimed film buff, and a pack of paparazzi and security personnel matched by only a handful of the 40 heads of state in town for the three-day summit, which concluded Friday.

An earthquake shook L'Aquila on April 6, leaving more than 60,000 people homeless and nearly 300 dead. Just days after the earthquake, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced plans to move the G8 meeting to L'Aquila from its planned site in Sardinia in part to call attention to the battered city and also to direct millions in infrastructure spending tied to the summit to the area.

The visit from Clooney, Murray and Veltroni did help call attention to the city as well as sparking a promise from Clooney to shoot a film in the area to help revive its sputtering economy. He did not say what the film would be about or when production would start.
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