George Clooney Arrest Inspires #FreeClooney Twitter Explosion

George Clooney Arrested in DC with Media - H 2012
Paul J. Richards/Getty Images

George Clooney Arrested in DC with Media - H 2012

Following the actor's arrest for protesting at the Sudanese Embassy, the trending topic took over the social networking service.

Being the most famous actor in the world has its downsides, but it certainly can brighten up a bad morning sometimes.

George Clooney was arrested alongside his father and members of Congress on Friday for protesting -- and crossing police lines -- at the Sudan's embassy in Washington, D.C., and photos of him being taken away in zip cuffs and placed into a Secret Service van quickly transmitted all over the world. As soon as the news broke, the internet does what it does best: activism through hashtags.

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Immediately, a trending topic was born: #FreeClooney. Of course, some of the tweets were funny -- Empire Magazine posted a "mug shot" of the star holding a coffee mug -- but many Twitter activists praised him for standing up for his beliefs.

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George Clooney was doing it for a good cause. Why is he getting arrested?. #freeclooney" a user with the handle @Sarah_Smiles16 tweeted, while @VDPatt wrote, "#FreeClooney The situation in Sudan is extremely dire, why can't it's government just do right by the people? Is that such a difficult task?"

A number of celebrities got into the action, too, with Alyssa Milano tweeting the tag, and Pete Wentz doing his best to help, as well.

The handle continues to produce tweets on a non-stop basis.

The Oscar-winner has spent the past few days in the nation's capital, testifying to Congress and meeting with the President about the humanitarian crisis in Sudan, doing his best to draw attention to the cause. And while that resulted in ample media coverage -- including here at The Hollywood Reporter -- his incarceration made the biggest wave.