George Clooney Courted Amal Clooney by Sending Her Emails as His Dog

George and Amal Clooney GETTY - H 2016
Matthias Nareyek/WireImage

Romance is alive, people.

Celebrities these days bend over backward to let us know they're just like us! Especially when it comes to relationships, A-listers love to pipe up that it's not all diamond rings and bouquets. And they're right. Sometimes it's better.

In her first-ever Vogue cover story, Amal Clooney (giraffe-loving international human rights lawyer) recounted the ways that husband George Clooney (actor) wooed her after they first met at one of George's parties at his home on Lake Como, Italy, in 2013. What began as a friendship eventually blossomed into a marriage and two children — twins Emma and Alexander born in 2017 — thanks in no small part to some clever puppy-related improvisation on George's part. 

According to Nathan Heller, who penned the profile, Amal is a "big emailer," and her correspondence with George in the early stages of their relationship included "repeated notes in the voice of his dog Einstein, who claimed to be trapped in various places and in need of legal rescue."

Fictional litigious dog drama staged in the voice of Clooney's scruffy rescue pup (may he rest in peace) may not sound romantic, but it worked on Amal. Well, a trip to see giraffes on a safari trip to Africa helped, too. 

Also in the profile, which gives a very thorough account of Amal's projects (a book called The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law being written with colleague Philippa Webb), her pending legal cases and her activist work (the Clooneys attended the March for Our Lives last month and donated $500K to the cause), were her thoughts regarding her position as something of a Hollywood fashion icon in today's mediascape.

“I hate the idea that you somehow, as a human being, have to be put in a box,” said Amal, who was photographed by Annie Leibovitz in an Alexander McQueen gown for the cover and who also will serve as co-chair of the 2018 Met Gala. “There’s no reason why lawyers can’t be fun — or actresses can’t be serious.”


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