George Clooney Can Only Be Out-Pranked By Brad Pitt Says Damon

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The actor reveals that he's never been able to pull a fast one on his former "Ocean's" co-star, and talks about working with Ben Affleck again in a new interview.

It's no secret that George Clooney loves to prank his co-stars while filming a movie.

But, it's rare that that actor ever gets duped himself. So rare that his Oceans 11, 12 and 13 co-star and good friend Matt Damon says he's only seen it happen once, telling ShortList magazine "George is a pro. He's very tough to get."

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But, it did happen. "The best one I saw on George was onOcean’s 12 when Brad [Pitt] had a fake memo translated and given to the Italian crew," said the Contagion actor. "It was this whole thing saying, “Please do not look Mr Clooney in the eye, only refer to him as ‘Mr Ocean’ or ‘Danny’.” It was so the opposite of George that he was mortified and when he found out, he was not happy about it. So that was the one time I saw someone get him." 

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Damon, who jokingly competed with his pal for People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" title years ago, says he's got another friendly rivalry going with The Descendants star. Both have been regularly cast in director Steven Soderbergh's films. "We’re tied at six. But I’m going to win — that’s all I’m saying," joked Damon. "We each have another one lined up with Steve and then I’m hoping that I can sneak in as an extra into the one he directs after that [laughs]. I told Steven that it really matters to me. I want the title. I really want it."

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And, that's not the only big Hollywood name he's looking to work with again in the future. Damon, who won an Oscar at the age of 28 for co-writing Good Will Hunting with his best friend Ben Affleck, said that they're hoping to make another film again soon. "We have a couple of projects at Warners that we’re developing, so we’re hoping we can work together."


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