Fox Boards George Clooney's 'Monuments Men' (Exclusive)

George Clooney Sony Pictures 20th Century Fox - H 2012

George Clooney Sony Pictures 20th Century Fox - H 2012

Sony Pictures, under financial constraints, is looking to Fox for co-financing and international distribution of Clooney's World War II art-heist pic; Paramount eyes an Adam Sandler comedy.

Sony Pictures, having pushed a number of movies into future release dates, now has agreed to split the upcoming George Clooney drama Monuments Men with Fox, multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter

Fox will pick up half the financing and distribute Monuments internationally. Clooney first discussed the project with Fox earlier this year while working with the studio to promote The Descendants for awards, but Sony came in as the backer. The picture, set in the World War II era, involves a plot to protect stolen art from destruction by the Nazis. Cate Blanchett is attached as the female lead, and Bill Murray is said to be attached as well.

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Sources say Fox explored the idea of acquiring the project outright but Sony, which is said to be operating under significant financial restraint at least through March, held onto half. The budget is said to be something north of $50 million.

Meanwhile, sources say Paramount is looking at an upcoming Adam Sandler project that many insiders believed would have gone to Sony based on the comic actor's long relationship with the studio. The film is described as a broad comedy that will follow Grown-Ups 2, which is set for release next summer.

Sony declined to comment.  


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