George Costanza-Themed Bar Opens in Australia

George Costanza H 2015
Everett Collection

The bar, simply called George's Bar, opened in Melbourne's Fitzroy area on New Year's Eve and features food and drinks menus inspired by the neurotic 'Seinfeld' character.

George Costanza once said if he owned a company he would be so loved by his employees they would "have huge pictures of me up the walls and in their home, like Lenin." Well, George never got around to owning that company, but a bar has opened in Melbourne that pays tribute to him in a way that even the Soviet leader would have envied.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that "George's Bar" opened in the hip Fitzroy area of Australia's second city on New Year's eve, and as the name suggests it is inspired by the iconic Seinfeld character played so memorably by Jason Alexander. The owners told SMH that the idea for the bar came as they "really like Seinfeld."

"George Costanza suits a bar in a lot of ways. The humor around George works," said co-owner and operator Dave Barrett. The bar is decorated with pictures of Costanza and some of his nuggets of wisdom are emblazoned on the wall including classic lines like "It's not a lie if you believe it" and "Everyone must like me, I must be liked." 

Barrett said that the food and drinks menu will pay homage to Georgeisms. "[A]t the moment we've got our toasties menu, which has items like The Art Vandalay, The Costanza and The Mom and Pop. We're still finalizing the cocktail menu, but it will be similar."

Fellow Costanza obsessives will find a home at George's Bar, but Barrett also wants to turn it into a platform for expressing love for the character. "One guy contacted me last night who lives in Melbourne and who is in the middle of eight different George Costanza paintings. We are talking about doing a show with him," he added.