George Hickenlooper's Last Project Will Continue Production

Canadian producers will finish the last two episodes of docu-series "Hick Town," which chronicles the rise to power of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, the filmmaker's cousin.

TORONTO -- The sudden death of American director George Hickenlooper will not halt production on his last project, the eight-part docu-series Hick Town.

Toronto-based Tricon Films & Television and producer Donald Zukerman on Monday said the last two episodes chronicling the rise to power of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, George Hickenlooper's cousin, will go forward.

"We owe it to him (George Hickenlooper) to finish the series as he was looking forward to covering tomorrow's election day," Zuckerman said in a statement.

Filmmaker Hickenlooper, 47, was found dead Saturday in Denver, where he was on hand to promote his latest film, Casino Jack, at the Starz Denver Film Festival.

Two more episodes of the documentary series remain to be filmed, including footage from Tuesday's U.S. election.

The producers bill Hick Town, in offering a close-up of a big-city U.S. mayor, as a cross between Spin City and The Office.

The completed series will be dedicated to George Hickenlooper's surviving wife, Suzanne, and son Charles.

Hickenlooper's credits include the making-of Apocalypse Now documentary, Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse, and the Andy Garcia/Mick Jagger male escort picture, The Man From Elysian Fields.