George Lopez Cancellation: Fans React

Andy Kropa/Getty Images

TBS announced it will not re-up the comedian's show 'Lopez Tonight' for a third season Wednesday.

TBS' decision to cancel comedian George Lopez's late-night show, Lopez Tonight, came as a shock to many fans Wednesday. The Twitter term "Lopez Tonight" quickly became a trending topic in the U.S. after news broke that the show's last broadcast would be Thursday. 

"OMG, THEY CANCELLED LOPEZ TONIGHT?!?!?!" tweeted Pete Freedman. 

":O omfg what? They cancelled Lopez Tonight? Whatt!!!! I love that show though," echoed Twitter user Lizbeth:)

Allison Kelly said, "my best friend is going to be completely devastated that Lopez Tonight is cancelled (but I can't wait to tell her) #bestfriendever."

While other commenters took the opportunity to try out some jokes of their own. 

Comedian Micheal Ian Black tweeted: "See you later, Lopez Tonight. It was terrible while it lasted."

"Well at least George Lopez can go back to doing Mind of Mencia now. Oh, they aren't? oooooo...," wrote Michael T Kennedy. 

Scott Weinberg opined: "People funnier than George Lopez: Bill Gates, Walter Mondale, Tonya Harding, my mom, your mom, all CPAs, Ayn Rand, Frank Grimes and Yoda."

"Lopez Tonight is canceled? Now what show is nobody going to watch?!," joked Austin Huff. 

Still other commenters are already connecting the cancellation to the show's lead-in, Conan O'Brien's Conan

"TBS cancels George Lopez Show. Conan's bad lead in ratings didn't help," wrote Curtis Pruder.