George R. R. Martin Pens Glowing Review of 'The Great Gatsby'

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George R. R. Martin

The “Game of Thrones” author says Leonardo DiCaprio has never been better, and easily tops Robert Redford as the best Gatsby.

The bleak grays of HBO’s Game of Thrones couldn’t be more different than the lavish colors of Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. But Thrones mastermind George R. R. Martin is heaping praise upon the adaptation of the classic novel all the same.

In a review on his personal blog, Martin called the visuals “just amazing" and revealed the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel is one of his favorites.

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“I don't think it would be correct to say that it brings 1920s New York to life, since I doubt that 1920s NYC was ever so saturated with color, life, sound,” he wrote. “This is a dreamscape, everything bigger, brighter, noisier, drenched in life and color ... but that's perfectly appropriate here ... dreams are always more intense than reality. Golden ages are never as golden as we remember them.”

Martin went on to praise Leonardo DiCaprio for capturing Jay Gatsby’s attempt (but not necessarily success) at transforming himself into a self-assured man who fits in at the highest levels of society. He opined that Robert Redford’s Gatsby in the 1974 adaptation didn’t work as well because Redford is “far too handsome, graceful, self-assured, and in command of every scene to be convincing as Jay Gatsby.”

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“Robert Redford is one of the golden people, and Jay Gatsby is desperately TRYING to be one of the golden people, to aspire to everything that comes naturally to Redford, and that distinction is crucial,” Martin wrote.

He feared Luhrmann’s version “would suffer the same way” because of DiCaprio's own self-confidence, but was proven wrong.

“This is a new, mature Leonardo, as I have never seen him before, and he does a great turn here,” Martin wrote.

The Great Gatsby, which also stars Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire, opened the 66th Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday night.

Read his full review here.