George W. Bush Can't Remember Whether He or 'SNL' Came Up With "Strategery"

The former president recalls a funny conversation he had with Lorne Michaels about Will Ferrell's impression of him.

Former president George W. Bush stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, where Kimmel asked him about Will Ferrell's famous impression of him on Saturday Night Live.

Kimmel said he spoke with Will Ferrell recently, who wanted to tell Bush hello. That prompted the former POTUS to remember a conversation he had with Lorne Michaels.

“I had dinner with Lorne Michaels, the head of Saturday Night Live, and he said, ‘I put a great speechwriter on you, and he came up with 'strategery,'" said Bush.

"And I said, ‘Wait a minute, I said strategery.’'' And he said, ‘No, you didn’t say strategery.' I said, 'I damn sure said'strategery.'' He said, ‘We invented it.’"

Bush decided to take it one step further. "I said, ‘Well, let me ask you this: Did he come up with ‘misunderestimate?’” 

Bush said that he loves humor, and the best kind is "when you make fun of yourself."

"Well, tell that to the president," joked Kimmel.

Kimmel also made another subtle dig at Trump, asking Bush if he had a lot of free time to watch television while he was POTUS. He also quizzed Bush on his knowledge of pop culture. Bush knew who Beyonce was but was unaware of who she was married to, and that she is now pregnant with twins. He did know about the Oscars best picture mistake, joking that Kimmel looked lost on stage when it happened.