Former Soviet Republic of Georgia Joins Eurimages

The membership is expected to boost the national film industry’s revival.

The former Soviet republic of Georgia has become the newest member of Eurimages in a move that is expected to bring in more international funding and co-production projects.

“Eurimages membership will encourage better cooperation between Georgian filmmakers and [those from the] other member states,” Tamara Tatishvili, director of the Georgian National Film Center (GNFC), told The Hollywood Reporter. “This will also unlock access to international markets, which is crucially important for proper promotion of emerging Georgian filmmakers.”

According to Tatishvili, among the main benefits of Eurimages membership for the Georgian film industry are co-production options and a chance of improving skills of producers who will be gaining more experience in co-productions.

The Georgian film industry is also set to get access to European film funding. “Georgia is a country with a limited film funding,” Tatishvili said. “GNFC’s funds are never enough, and Eurimages will become an alternative source of financing of Georgian producers. We hope for a fruitful cooperation with all member states and the Eurimages Secretariat and [we expect] to improve the positions of Georgian filmmakers over the coming three to five years.”

Back in Soviet times, Georgia had one of the best developed film industries in the Soviet Union, but due to the economic trouble following the collapse of the USSR, it shrank dramatically and is only now beginning to get back on track.