Gerard Depardieu Peeing on a Plane: Best Jokes From the Web

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

"I don't care if you ARE Gerard Depardieu, if you're going to pee on the floor, you lurch into the Coach section," tweets "Conan" writer Jose Arroyo.

Nothing sparks a Twitter reaction like an international peeing incident.

Gerard Depardieu urinated on the carpet of an Air France plane in front of passengers Wednesday when the cabin crew asked him to wait 15 minutes to use the restrooms.

STORY: Gerard Depardieu Pees on Carpet of Air France Plane

The plane was delayed in Paris and due to fly to Dublin. A flight attendant had asked him to wait 15 minutes for the plane to be in flight, saying the toiled were locked, but the French actor said he just couldn't wait.

Since the news broke, many people -- including several in Hollywood -- took to Twitter to make quips about the incident. Here is a sample:

Funny or Die:
You know who's really pissed? Gerard Depardieu's fellow passengers. Also, the floor of that plane & probably his pants a little.

STORY: Gerard Depardieu 'Sorry' for Peeing in Plane Cabin

Conan writer Jose Arroyo:
I don't care if you ARE Gerard Depardieu, if you're going to pee on the floor, you lurch into the Coach section.

Movie critic Roger Ebert:
Toilet is locked, so Depardieu pees on plane. I know how he felt.

NBC Sports writer Jelisa Castrodale:
I'm pretty sure the other Air France passengers are just angry because Gerard Depardieu's pee stream didn't have English subtitles.

VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Loses It During Gerard Depardieu Segment

Screenwriter Kirsten Smith (Legally Blonde, The Ugly Truth):
I thought Gerard Depardieu was trending because MY FATHER THE HERO was playing on TBS.

Actor Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, Heroes):
Really gerard depardieu?!

Producer Colm Tobin (The Weathering):
Gerard Depardieu's Green Card has a distinctly yellow hue today.

Writer Peter Helliar (I Love You Too):
Gerard Depardieu urinates on carpet in front of passengers on Air France flight... Easier than filling out the feedback form I guess.

Comedian Chris Regan:
Gerard Depardieu pisses in aisle of Air France jet, in generous attempt to mask usual stench of Gerard Depardieu.

STORY: Anderson Cooper Calls His Laughter About Gerard Depardieu Incident 'Embarrassing'

Australian TV host Mikey Robins:
Gerard Depardieu to star in sequel movie, Snake on A Plane.

Pauly Casillas:
Can I be the first to call Gerard Depardieu "Pee Pee Le Pew"?

Brad Rock:
You know that something is wrong if you see Gerard Depardieu peeing in the aisle of the airplane cabin--

Nora Merrick:
Congrats Gerard Depardieu, for once you've done something the world deems entertaining and newsworthy :-)

If recent events have taught us nothing else, I think we can all agree that Gerard Depardieu is a man desperately in need of a hug.