German Box Office in 2012: Strong Growth Across Nearly All Demographics (Study)

"Skyfall" was the number one film in Germany in 2012.

A detailed report reveals the best theatrical performance in the territory since 2007, with a slight decline in movie-going only among the youngest demo.

COLOGNE, Germany – Last year's record-breaking box office performance in Germany was even better than previously thought. A detailed analysis of 2012 released Tuesday by the German Federal Film Board showed growth across all but the youngest demographic (10-to-19), with graying audiences increasing dramatically.

Individuals ages 50-to-59 in Germany went to the movies 29 percent more often last year, while the 60-plus demo showed an 18 percent uptick. The total number of individual cinema-goers in Germany increased by 800,000 to just under 30 million, and the frequency of visits per person increased from 4.3 films per year to 4.4.

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The only negative was in the youngest demographic, 10-to-19, where movie-going decreased by 15 percent in 2012.

This is consistent with a long-term trend in Germany, which has seen a graying of the local cinema audience. The average age of a German moviegoer last year was 36.5, up from 34.5 in 2012, and over the past six years the strongest-growing demos have been movie fans 50 years or older (up 50 percent) and 60-plus (up 64 percent).