German Box Office: Homegrown School Comedy Sequel Sets Records

Fack Ju Gohte P

'Fack Ju Gohte 2' ?opens to $20 million, the highest gross for a German film ever.

The sequel‎ to 2013 German box-office hit Fack Ju Gohte has brought in the biggest opening weekend in the country for a homegrown production.

School comedy Fack Ju Gohte 2, from director Bora Dagtekin, drew 2.1 million attendees and box-office revenue of $20 million (17.7 million euros) this weekend. In terms of box office, that makes it the best film debut in Germany for 2015 and the best German film debut ever, distributors said.

Only eight other films have sold 2 million or more tickets in Germany in their opening weekend.

Global Grosses 9/14/15

Rentrak Actuals for Weekend of 9/14/15
Weekend Cume
1. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation $95.4M $613.0M
2. The Visit $29.5M $29.5M
3. Minions $27.7M $1.1B
4. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials $26.8M $26.8M
5. The Perfect Guy $26.7M $26.7M
6. Fack ju Gohte 2 $20.0M $21.2M
7. Straight Outta Compton $8.4M $180.7M
8. Transporter Refueled $7.9M $25.8M
9. War Room $7.7M $40.6M
10. Inside Out $6.8M $747.4M

The‎ first Gohte, a politically incorrect comedy that mocked debates about school reform, immigration and economic disparity, became the biggest hit in years in Germany. Produced by Munich-based production house Rat Pack and distributed by Constantin Film,‎ its English title was Suck Me Shakespeer. The German title is the phonetic way of spelling "F-- You, Goethe."

According to German reports, Ice Age 2 had sold more tickets in its debut weekend in 2006. And Michael "Bully" Herbigs local comedy (T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1 (2004) remains the German film with the highest number of tickets sold in its debut with 2.16 million.