German Culture Minister Resigns Amid Health Issues

Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Bernd Neumann

Bernd Neumann is credited with boosting subsidies and financing for the country's film industry.

BERLIN – Worries about the health of one of the German film industry’s most important figures are making the rounds here after the sudden resignation of German culture minister Bernd Neumann. Neumann is a beloved figure in the German industry, having successfully boosted subsidy budgets and helped shepherd through film-friendly legislation in his tenure as culture minister since 2005.

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But Neumann’s office this week announced the minister will not continue in his position when German chancellor Angela Merkel forms a new government, expected in the coming weeks. Health issues may be at the core of Neumann’s surprise announcement. He collapsed earlier this month at an event in Stuttgart celebrating German Reunification Day and has been in the hospital ever since.

In a statement announcing his resignation, Neumann would say only that he was leaving the post of culture minister to pursue “other challenges."