German Film Fund Brings in Nearly $500 million in 2010

The DFFF handed out $80 million in tax incentives last year, backing 80 features.


BERLIN – Germany's tax-incentive for feature film shoots translated into nearly half a billion dollars in production in 2010.

The German Federal Film Fund, the DFFF, handed out $80 million (€59 million) in tax incentives last year, backing 80 features including Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers reboot starring Orlando Bloom, Milla Jovovich and Christoph Waltz; the Freudian drama A Dangerous Method from David Cronenberg with Viggo Mortensen and Keira Knightleyand the Liam Neeson thriller Unknown.

According to the DFFF's calculation, that investment paid off to the tune of $458 million (€340 million) in production outlays in Germany last year.

Since its start four years ago, the DFFF has backed a total of 416 productions with a total of $316 million in incentives. The result has been an injection of nearly $2 billion into the German production industry. The DFFF system provides an up front tax rebate of between 16%-20% of a project's production costs in Germany.