German Hitmaker Bora Dagtekin Extends Exclusive Deal with Constantin Film Through 2025

Bora Dagtekin
Tristar Media /Getty Images

Under the new agreement, the writer/director behind local-language blockbusters 'Suck me Shakespeer,' 'Turkish for Beginners' and 'The Perfect Secret' will produce a further 3 films with Constantin. 

Bora Dagtekin, Germany's most consistent hitmaker, has extended his exclusive deal with local mini-major Constantin Film through to 2025. 

Under the deal, announced Wednesday, Dagtekin will deliver three more features for Constantin, all of which will be produced by his long-term production partner Lena Schömann. 

"I'm really looking forward to working together on the next Bora Drachtkin films, which will continue to be produced by Lena Schömann," said Constantin Film executive chairman Martin Moszkowicz, noting the deal paved the way for "further productions that will shape German cinema and reach an audience of millions."

Dagtekin has been five for five so far. His German-language comedies —Turkish For Beginners (2012), Suck Me Shakespeer 1-3 (2013-2017) and The Perfect Secret (2019) have grossed more than $270 million at the local box office for Constantin, drawing in some 29 million viewers. Dagtekin films have become a key part of Constantin's output. Extending their exclusive deal with the 41-year-old writer-director put the company on solid footing for the next five years. 

In addition to their commercial success, Dagtekin's films, which he pens himself, have received critical praise for their treatment of socially-relevant themes. Turkish For Beginners is a light-hearted look at German multiculturalism and racial stereotypes. The Suck Me Shakespeer films are gentle takedowns of the country's school system and The Perfect Secret parodies the problems of modern-day cell phone addiction. Suck Me Shakespeer was remade as the Spanish-language hit No manches Frida.

Dagtekin thanked Constantin for the "creative freedom you have given me"  and said he was looking forward to several more years with the studio.