German home video market hits record Q1

Blu-ray sales increased 136% from the previous year

COLOGNE, Germany -- Booming Blu-ray sales helped Germany's home entertainment market to record results in the first quarter.

Sell-through revenue jumped 9% to 330 million Euros, with unit sales soaring 14% to 28.6 million discs sold, both all-time records for Q1 in Germany.

2.6 million Blu-ray discs flew off German shelves in the first three months of 2010, an astounding 136% year-on-year increase. Revenue from the Blu-ray nearly doubled to 44 million Euros, or just over 13% of the total sell-through market. Top seller was Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" from Universal.

It was a different story with rental revenue, which slipped 3% to 71 million Euros. 

For the first time, the German video association, the BVV, published detailed figures on electronic sales and rentals, which shot up from revenues of just 2.2 million Euros  in Q1 2009 to 11 million Euros last quarter. Of that, 54% was electronic sell through, 35% video on demand and 11% pay per view.
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