German indie VOD platform launched

Retail giant Media Markt also poised to enter VOD market

COLOGNE, Germany -- Germany's largely dormant video-on-demand market is showing signs of life with the launch of a new indie VOD platform and speculation that retail giant Media Markt could soon enter the fray.

New German VOD platform Cinemander will launch August 1 and, according to founders Andre Mehlhop-Lange and Jennifer Gunther, will focus on art house and independent titles.

In addition to the VOD service, Cinemander will feature social community components, much like similar indie-focused online platforms such as MUBI.

Cinemander's founders, however, have been cagey in refusing to disclose pricing or even the number of titles the new platform will offer come launch day.

Media Markt, one of Germany's largest electronics retailers, is being even more reticent regarding its VOD plans. Media Markt is also expected to unveil a VOD service next month but so far, the company has refused to comment.

Media Markt is a leader in the DVD sell-through market. If the company applies its brand and logistical strength to the VOD market, it could transform Germany's on-demand business.
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