German Movie Theater Shooter Killed by Police

Alexander Scheuber/Getty Images

A man with a rifle stormed a cinema complex in the German city of Viernheim, but police action prevented any other injuries.

A masked man carrying a rifle who stormed a movie theater in Germany late Thursday afternoon and took hostages was shot and killed by police.

No one else was injured in the attack, authorities said.

Peter Beuth, the interior minister of the state of Hessen, where the incident took place, confirmed that police raided the cinema and shot the man dead.

Police later confirmed that he had been armed with a fake rifle and pistol as well as a fake grenade. He has since been identified as a 19-year-old man born in the area. 

Early media reports had suggested up to 50 people were injured, either by the shooter or by tear gas reportedly used by police. A police spokesman confirmed that there were no other injuries.

Beuth said the man appeared confused and that authorities were working on the initial assumption this was not an act of terrorism. The dead man has not yet been identified. A police spokesman, however, told local newspaper Mannheimer Morgen that he did not have "an Islamic background."

The police responded to what had been described as a "threat situation" at the Kinopolis movie theater in Viernheim, Germany, near Mannheim, when a masked man carrying a rifle and wearing an ammunition belt, stormed the cinema.