German nuns knock out 'House,' 'CSI'

Local sitcom beats out U.S. imports in ratings

COLOGNE, Germany -- Funny nuns proved more than a match for Horatio Caine and his team as German sitcom "Um Himmels Willen," featuring a cloister of rambunctious sisters of God, easily beat out top U.S. import "CSI: Miami" in the ratings race Tuesday night.

The ARD series, starring Janina Hartwig and Fritz Wepper, drew 7.3 million viewers, a 22.1% share, compared with 5 million and 15.2% for "CSI: Miami."

ARD hospital series "In aller Freundschaft" also won the head-to-head with "House" on RTL, with the homegrown series drawing 5.9 million viewers, a 17.1% share, compared with 3.9 million and 12.2% for "House."

But in the race for ad dollars, U.S. shows continue to score. In the key 14-49 demographic used by German broadcasters to calculate advertising rates, "C.S.I: Miami" and "House" were Tuesday's winners, taking a 24.4% and 21.4% share respectively. The bulk of ARD's audience is in the 50-plus category.