German 'Office' heading to the big screen

Brainpool will produce film starring Christoph Maria Herbst

COLOGNE, Germany -- German comedy outfit Brainpool is producing a feature film based on the cult TV series "Stromberg," the German adaptation of the BBC hit "The Office."

Writer and series co-creator Ralf Husmann will pen the script to the feature, which is planned as the finale to the sitcom's fourth season.

Christoph Maria Herbst will star as the incompetent boss of a small-time insurance office, the role that made him famous in Germany.

In its third season on Pro7, "Stromberg" already has run longer than its BBC predecessor and has even spawned a spinoff, "Beruhmt" (Famous), which follows the misadventures of office brown-noser Ernie. That series, which Husmann also is writing, will debut on Pro7 next year.