Secret Shoot Gets Underway for German Sex Shocker 'Wetlands' (Exclusive)

Charlotte Roche - P 2011

The controversial drama, based on a raunchy bestseller, has begun filming in Berlin under a code-name.

BERLIN – Wetlands, the German film based on the raunchy bestseller by former German MTV VJ Charlotte Roche, has begun shooting, secretly, in Berlin, under a code name and with everyone involved signed to strict, non-disclosure agreements.

David Wnendt, whose hard-hitting debut Combat Girls won the best screenplay honor at the German Film Awards last year, is directing the adaptation, which focuses on the life of a sexually promiscuous young woman and her obsession with all aspects of the human body.

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The film is one of Germany’s hottest cinema properties. The book was a massive bestseller and became an instant talkshow and tabloid topic.

But the film version has been shrouded in secrecy – Rommel Film, who acquired the rights, have given the film the coded title Memelland, apparently to confound reporters and keep the production under wraps. THR has learned Wnendt is also shooting some scenes from the film gonzo-style throughout Berlin. All personnel involved in the film have had to sign non-disclosure-agreements  -- a rarity for a German film.

A representative from Rommel Film refused to confirm or deny the NDA-requirement but did acknowledge the company was purposely not releasing any details about the film, preferring to finish it first and announce it “in due time.”

STORY: Rommel Films to adapt sex shocker 'Wetlands'

So far, the obfuscation seems to have worked. Despite the film’s high profile in Germany, no news of the shoot has slipped out into the press so far. Rommel has also succeeded in keep the cast a secret – only actor Axel Milberg (Hannah Arendt) has been reliably linked to the project.

Memelland is set to film through mid-November in and around Berlin. It’s release – as Wetlands – is planned for 2013.