German star Hamann dies

Comedian beloved for TV series work

Evelyn Hamann, one of Germany's best-loved comedians and, as the star of crime series "Adelheid and Her Murderers," best-known television actresses, died Monday after a short illness at the age of 65.

Hamann rose to fame as the on-screen partner of legendary sketch comedian Vicco von Bulow, alias Loriot. Their 1976 sketch series "Loriot," sort of a Prussian Monty Python, was a huge hit and enjoyed a second life on DVD.

Hamann starred alongside Loriot in two big-screen comedies: "Odipussi" (1988) and "Pappa ante Portas" (1991).

But it was on the small screen that she enjoyed her greatest success. Hamann appeared in some of the best-rated German series of all time, including melodrama "The Black Forest Hospital" and "Loveboat" knock-off "Traumschiff."

She will be best remembered, however, for "Adelheid and Her Murderers." The series, in which Hamann stars as a secretary who solves crimes for her bumbling police chief boss, won Hamann a Bavarian Television award for best actress.