German talent circles 'Baader Meinhof' biopic


CANNES -- A who's who of Germany's top talent is reportedly circling Bernd Eichinger's new production, the 1970s terrorist biopic "The Baader Meinhof Complex."

According to German media reports, Eichinger has assembled virtually the same all-star cast he used in Oskar Roehler's "The Elementary Particles" (2006).

Martina Gedeck, who last appeared in the Oscar-winning "The Lives of Others," is reportedly set to play Red Army Faction terrorist mastermind Ulrike Meinhof in Eichinger's film, which is already generating controversy before a single frame has been shot.

German actor Moritz Bleibtreu ("Munich") has also been named as Gedeck's co-star, taking the role of Andreas Baader, the other half of the infamous Baader-Meinhof gang that terrorized and fascinated Europe in the 1970s.

Nina Hoss, who won the best actress Silver Bear at February's Berlin International Film Festival for Christian Petzold's "Yella," is reportedly set to play fellow terrorist Gudrun Esslin.

"The Baader-Meinhof Complex," based on the best-selling book by German author Stefan Aust, is expected to go into production in the summer.

Eichinger is writing the screenplay with Austrian Uli Edel ("Ring of the Nibelungs") is attached to direct.

Constantin Film could not be reached for comment Tuesday.